Plasticos Juquitiba, more than 25 years in the market.

A company certified in biodegradable raw material, offering customized, innovative and exclusive plastic packaging according to the needs of its customers.


Plásticos Juquitiba, a company with
P-Life Seal

We have the P-LIFE seal, meaning that all our packaging can be biodegradable . We are always concerned with minimizing the impacts of plastic on the environment.

360° Solutions Packaging!

We are five companies in one. We act in all stages of the manufacture of a packaging, from the development of the mold to the labeling, which brings more security to your company.
We operate in several sectors, from pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food to hygiene and cleaning, valuing the specificity of each package.

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  • Packaging Design

    We design and develop packaging according to your specifications.

  • Blow

    We transform the raw material through the blowing process, which aims to produce packaging for different niches.

  • Injection

    We manufacture lids and various bowls with unique design.

  • Tooling

    With a complete structure, we make the customized mold quickly, unique and according to your needs.

  • Graphic Processes

    Decoration of packaging by screen printing - Silk Screen and Hot Stamping - and Sleeve labeling (heat shrinkable).

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  • What is the minimum sales lot quantity?

    The minimum order quantity for a quote is 5,000 units.        

  • Is there a price list?

    No, we make specific budgets according to the need, according to the color and quantity requested.

  • Do you send samples for testing?

    Yes, after the budget is approved.

  • How can they prove the certifications?

    Regarding the raw material, we have all the necessary reports that prove the authenticity of the certification.

  • Are there Biodegradable products?

    In all of our product lines, we can add P-Life, the additive is a degrading Pro based on: Fatty Acid derived from Palm oil, which transforms naphtha derivatives (polyethylene, polypropylene, PET, polystyrene and other polymers ) in biodegradable products.


Packaging Sells!

Visual identity is essential for any product that seeks competitive differentiation in the market, which is directly related to exclusive packaging.

Thus, we always suggest to our customers to opt for a packaging with a unique and differentiated design so that your product has a high market competitiveness and a great complexity of counterfeiting.


As Plásticos Juquitiba is one of the leaders in the packaging sector in Brazil, industrial ID and Patent are carried out in all exclusive packaging, which assures the customer against any type of counterfeiting. If there is still counterfeiting, we filed the case with the company to remove all counterfeit packaging from the market.

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